Appraising Your Trade In

Appraising Your Trade In
*In order to properly assess your vehicle we MUST see it in person. Phone appraisals will not be granted so don't be shy and stop in and see us! We also accept motorcycles and off-road vehicles (quads, dirt bikes, side by sides, etc) as trades!

Most people buying a new car have a car to trade in. Some people buy a new car every year, and some wait until it's about to fall apart before they think about trading. People who buy cars every year most likely have a trade-in that we will resell on our lot. Trade ins that closer to poor condition we take to a sale and let someone else try to resell them. Here are some of the factors that go into the amount of money we will give you for trade-in on your vehicle.

Current Market Value
This is the single most important factor we look at when assessing your trade-in. We sell a lot of cars every week and are constantly changing our prices in order to keep current and give you the best price. This means your trade-in could be worth more or less week to week depending on the current market. Prices don't change dramatically in a week, but it can happen, so make sure you get your vehicle appraised the day you are ready and looking to buy.

Previous Paintwork
We have years of experience in the car industry and can spot paintwork a mile away. We check every panel of your car, including the bumpers, to make sure it was never in an accident or repainted. We can tell the difference between covering up a key scratch and covering up an accident and will assess accordingly.

Exterior Flaws
This one is pretty obvious and we would prefer to fix any damage ourselves, so don't worry about fixing anything before you bring your vehicle in for trade. If there is a dent or a scratch that needs to be repaired before we resell it, we will work that into the price of your trade-in. We know what it costs for us to pop out a door ding, repaint a bumper, brush touch a hood or anything else that may need to be done. And it's best to bring your trade-in as is instead of trying to fix it yourself; most do-it-yourself jobs need to be redone by a professional and will be factored in accordingly.

Interior Condition
The interior can be the make or break area for some customers since that is where they will be spending most of their time. We look at carpets, seats, headliners and dashes to see if they can be restored to almost new condition. And don't forget about smell! No one wants a stinky car, so smoke and other odors might be a deterrent when appraising your vehicle.

Tires and Mechanics
We look for tread wear on your tires, and adjust appropriately if new tires are needed to resell it. We also lift the hood and listen to the engine to make sure it is running properly. One of the last things we do is check the transmission by shifting it in and out of drive and reverse (and even taking it on a test drive if we think there is a problem).

We are honest and upfront about the cars we sell and we expect our customers to be the same, so please tell the us if there are any problems we should know about.